Biến Keyboard của bạn thành bàn phím piano. Bạn có thể chơi và ghi lại bản nhạc do chính bạn thực hiện.

PianoFX Studio is a powerful Piano and Music Keyboard Synthesizer for
the Personal Computer. You can play and record live music using your PC
keyboard or mouse without the requirement of a conventional Piano.

The player piano music keyboard interface & piano keys has been
designed to exactly resemble a fully featured Professional Keyboard
Synthesizer. It produces a ultra-high quality midi sound output with 127
different realistic Musical and Percussion Instruments, piano chords,
4-note Polyphonic sounds, a 10 Drum synthesizer machine, multiple sample
Melodies and has a Recording option to save your musical compositions
in wav file format.The software runs on all Windows Operating Systems
has been designed for ease of use and flexibility.

Main Features:
· Realistic full-size 64 piano keys music synthesizer
· 8 Octaves of piano music note output
· Fully featured with ultra-high quality sound output
· 127 different Musical and Percussion Instruments
· Variable Pitch and Volume Adjustment
· Full piano chords and realistic piano keys
· 4-note polyphony player piano instrumentals
· Sample Musical scores and Melodies built in
· 10 Drum Machine synthesizer available
· Record and save music compositions as .wav files
· MIDI Mapper or Microsoft GS Wave Table Synthesizer
· works with any standard sound-card

Download : download.php?hn0gydgzhty